You have to buy a really colorful tropical island shirt

All about Adding Style
So pretty are the multi strand necklaces, with matching bracelets and earrings available. go

Happy with the coconut key chain
Thousands of people every day stop for day trips by the cruise ships. go

Florida Keys Snorkel Gear
QUESTION: We are heading to Key West down the overseas highway and want to know where to buy a Snorkel and Fins? go

High Quality Home Improvement Goods
I'm not sure how a shop like this can pack so much artistic beauties into one location. go

How the Shopping Went
Perfect for Island Life are these shoes. go

Our Pick for Florida Keys Treasures
We like to browse all the cool places to get wall art during the first few days, then go back and make our purchase on the last day. go

Ingredients for your Key Lime Pie
So simple and tasty is the Key Lime Pie. go

Buy a Saltwater Fishing License in Key West
This is the place to get a light duty spinning rod-reel, the tool of trade in the Florida Keys. go


Wearables and Gifts

Florida Keys for Scuba Beginners
What trip, and we stayed at Historic Hideaways and it was nice. go

Kayak Rentals
This area just above the island of Key West has lots of mangrove trails and cool place to paddle. go

Take the Fun Little Guided Tour
Staying right next to the Truman Little White House was so special. go

Right Here at the Bottom of Florida
Could anyone have a better place for getting out on the waters of the Florida Keys? go

Lower Keys Boating is Awesome
Everything is quick and easy, and you will have a much better time down here. go

There are lots of boat ramps in the area if you have the skill and safety tools. go

Biggest Breakfast Platter on the Island
Bring your bathing suit and focus on the Key West swimming zones to build up your appetite and then head to two friends bar! go

Really Cool Shopping Places

Oh no, Florida Travel Commander, the beer budget is ready for the fun trip. I will be fine for the big Key West party festival. I will come down next weekend. I got all my clothes Shopping done in Islamorada and saved a lot of money by taking advantage of the sales.

Mark W.

Key West Shopping

Finding good cat toys in the Florida Keys is tough. I love the Six Toed Cat video. Did you look up the kitty toy brand. The info is on the packaging. What else do they offer online to buy for the kitty. What is the name of the company? Where is the packaging! You found a nice sound toy, that is what big pine kitty likes best. In the summer his nick name is big pine kitty, and when it cools off he goes back to kitty pooh juniors! It is hot like Big Pine Key summers. Kitty wants more toys, per attorney Florida Travel Commander. We do not want dogs in the Florida Keys, but we are very cat friendly!

Anibal Q.

Eco Friendly Products

Sometimes is the weird stuff that you need down here in the Florida Keys that I can't find anywhere when I go Shopping. Hot on my list is more eco friendly electrical outlets. Want to get those outlets that you can turn off automatically, so for instance the microwave doesn't show the time of day up top and right down below the oven says the same time. Search for eco friendly electrical outlets off on switch and is the winner and perfect for Florida Keys residents to conserve power.

When tvs that are plugged in and you see the glowing red light on the bottom, it gets rid of all that stuff which is really good for people down here they care about our environment. I guess I'll have to go online and search in google and try something basic like this search: eco electrical wall outlet timer. They do have some basic ones over at Home Depot, but I'm talking about the in wall timers. I found the perfect product at intermatic online. Thank goodness I don't have to drive to Miami to find some electrical store!

Melba I.