You will like having a bunch of keys style places to buy supplies

Good Food
Nestled off of US one at the Holiday Inn Express at Mile Marker 53-5, you will find a beautiful Tiki Hut styled building that sits along the water. go

Southernmost Island Convenience Store
Convenience is the key to eating when you're on vacation. go

Sunsets are Amazing
Go to JJ's Chill Bar at mile marker 104 and order a pitcher of the Strawberry Margaritas. go

Great little locations to explore
This side of the island has a lot of discount hotels near the beach, like the Sheraton Suites. go

Big Thrills to Do in the Florida Keys
My friend has been going crazy about taking this ride for four days. go

Nothing is boring at all in Islamorada
I now love this town! go

Great Things for Families in Key West
Just dandy for all ages and held at the Oldest House Garden. go

Photo Framing Experts
My pick is the No Workin' During Drinking Hours, that sign just fits a tiki bar wall. go


Resident Experts

Hot Grilled Tex Mex Mess
It was our third morning, stopped in and really enjoyed the breakfast scene here. go

Shrimp and Grits is on the Menu
One to checkout in Key West. go

Dining With Children in Islamorada
Great homemade pizza is not difficult to find in the Florida Keys. go

Kite Board
Kite surfing is a blending of windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding, so you get a true workout. go

Florida Keys Lumber Yard
Everybody has to do their part in be ready just in case one of those big storms comes down here like hurricane andrew. go

My pick for Key West Happy Hour
Going out to restaurants when you're in a tourist district means you can take advantage of coupons and discounts for just about every meal possible. go

Key West's Largest Boat Ride
Late in the day, you get the benefit of the sun dropping in the sky and a cool breeze as you glide you along. go

The Best Events are Free

Key West always comes up with the best events. We like the tame ones, not Womenfest, Octoberfest, or the Rainbow Festival. Nothing beats a celebration about lobster. Yes, and it is in-season so it is really cheap down here to buy lobster too. At the August Festival you can try all sorts of great lobster recipes, plus the Live Music tunes. The Saturday Street Fair was the best part because of the day, plus on this day there was some free Key West music concerts. What a blast.

Chasity Q.

Event Day is always Special

The fall from the Fantasy Fest stage was sure a wild time. My recover is great, and the TV coverage of the accident on the news was so funny. Now that the injuries are treated, I do not go until April 1st or six weeks. Which is because I spent a bunch of time with this women trying to get the best Key West doctor, not rushing to get on the calendar. At first they were going to rush me in to whoever was available, but I put the stop on that and shifted the conversation on my needs for the next doctor pick. I did not plan for this conversation, but am very happy with being stern. I told her I am extremely concerned with having an excellent Key West doctor. I told her I do not want to strip naked in front of a man, that a female doctor is the way to go.

Samual C.