You will see lots of people wind surfing, kite flying, and kayaking the trail system

This is one the Kids will Love
I had tried a couple of trips on some of the rivers in Florida, but this just blows it away because of the ability to continuously see what you are passing over along the way. go

Mimosa Morning Sail
QUESTION: This is going to be our first trip down and we want to go out on a boat. go

Upper Florida Keys Water Toy Rentals
The sun dolphin aruba kayak you are looking at is nice. go

Diving is so fun in the Keys
It really helps get you back in the groove and give that confidence of knowledge. go

Upper Keys Bridge Fishing
The Channel 5 Bridge at MM71 has parking on the south end. go

Popular Destination for Boaters
After the reef trips what could be better than a frozen cocktail for those seeking a vacation from reality! go

The Best Pick for Using a Snorkeling Vest
You want to go out on the boats when the weather is calm and that way it is not such a hectic time. go

Pleasure filled Water Fun
Put this on your top rated and must do list. go


Action on the Water

Finest in the Yummiest Treats
My two menu favorites are the lemon-honey poundcake and the black forest torte. go

Sunset Waterfront Shoppes
When you're over by the seaport, be sure to pop in here and take a look. go

Florida Beach Exercise Vacations
These have to be the best tennis courts that you will find anywhere on the islands. go

Hot Pasta Dishes and Pizza
When you are on the go in Key West cruising around checking out the sites, grab a bite of pizza and this is the spot! go

We Like the Zippy Transportation
Fun is all about seeing as much of the island and having the very best time doing it. go

Village Resort of Islamorada
Islamorada just has so much going on. go

Our Pick for Florida Keys Treasures
If you want a special scene, just ask about getting it done. go


Facts about Boat Fuel

Action on the Water

If you look out and there's black smoke pouring out of the exhaust, that's a pretty good indication that something's gone awry! Florida Keys boats with either gasoline or diesel engines can suffer poor performance and damage if their fuel is contaminated. Water can intrude storage tanks through poorly sealed fuel caps and vents during boat fueling. You may also experience excessive smoke, lack of power, hesitation in acceleration, or outright stalling. Water is the most common contaminant found in both gas and diesel fuel. Air in less-than-full fuel tanks contains moisture. Over time moisture condenses in the tank and is one reason why, regardless of fuel type, tanks should be topped off during storage periods, leaving less room for condensation. Boat engines work better without water in the fuel. Water in gas, particularly ethanol-boosted gas that attracts water, is quite common in pleasure Florida Keys boats that go unused for prolonged periods.

Terrence F.