Your fishing pole can get some good use in the Florida Keys

Fish Feeding is a huge hit here
QUESTION: We are so excited for our first trip down to Key West and realize the drive takes a bit. go

Anything that is big enough is a Keeper
You can find the boat (perhaps this is actually a ship!) right over at the docks just in front of the Schooner Wharf Restaurant and Bar. go

Learn about Fishing
The sight and sound of hook bait moving through the water rings the dinner bell. go

Old Town Fishing Store
White live bait works the best down here and crabs are best for night fishing. go

Join Us for Big Time Fish Dinners
This is what makes sport fishing so popular, the great healthy dishes you can make. go

Permit are Schooling near the Reefs
This is the kind of trip that just about anyone would enjoy, even the boat riding is a joy. go

Fishing from the Dock
They have really good dinner specials running from Monday thru Thursday Evenings. go

The Fishing Boats here are Huge
Not only is this the spot to taking a fantastic fishing trip, it is packed with boats, bars, and things to do. go


Fishing Reports

Everything you need near the Hotel Room
Have fun in the sun or beach. go

Parking the Dingy at the Bar
We are going to use the sailboat dockage buoy system for two weeks in July. go

Pick between various Room Styles
The property is a winner, we loved it. go

Mile Marker 83 Travel Center
It is a big-big deal down here and you will want to absorb a few alcohol cocktails or ice tea after all the sun and watersports pleasures. go

Cats versus Dogs for Home Companions
Thanks for the special treatment. go

Lobster, Shrimp, or Fish Tonight
It is just so yummy! go

Scenic Spots to Cast the Line
We wanted to report on how nice our fishing vacation was here at the resort. go

Great for after Fishing Activities

I like fishing out of the Main Marina in Key Largo. The area is great for after fishing activities and cocktails at Coconuts Del Mar. We like it and the whole vibe here at the bar, restaurant, and nightclub. It is A good Time, a real party. For a big meal go with DiGiorgio's Cafe Largo. This looks like a good one on the website and we can walk to it. There is nothing better than a true homemade italian meal, especially when it is made by people who really enjoy making it. On the way to Tavernier is Snappers Waterfront, and it is Boater Friendly oceanside. Come on in for some fun and a dining experience unmatched in the upper keys. With an abundance of fresh seafood, here you can try unique dishes like tuna nachos. Buzzard's Roost is one of the neatest spots for dinner in the upper Florida Keys. The Buzzard's Roost will cook your catch, after you return from the Sailors Choice Party Fishing Boat.

Chung M.

Yellowtail Bite

Storms are part of the fishing trips in the Florida Keys. Wow on the yellowtail bite, good for you Florida Travel Commander. You have hurricane proof windows too so that is a plus. I think you are going to get the storm worse than me. Publix has 2-for-1 peanut butter. You should get some sandwich fixings and cereal in case there is no power. Peanut butter and apples go good together for on the boat.

Brittney E.