Cuban Restaurant

Cuban Restaurant

This is my pick for a fantastic cuban sandwich in Tampa, plus a full menu of all of the other goodies. My grandparents have lived in west Tampa for years and got me hooked on this wonderful little sandwich shop. He gets busy for breakfast and lunch, so if you're in a hurry it's better to call your order in ahead of time so they can prepare it. Inside there's room for about maybe fifty people to sit and get served and a total of about fifteen tables. It's not a big place but a lot of people order food to go.

Expect fantastic food and old-style service. You have to eat at a table at least once to really get into the vibe. The last time I checked they did not have a current menu or website online. Very popular in the morning is the breakfast special with three fried eggs and your choice between sausage, ham, and bacon. The coffee is excellent and of course you can get cuban cheese toast on the side.

The cuban sandwiches are of really good size and I like the large pulled pork. The kids will love the cuban cheeseburger. Black beans are always a good side selection to go with just about any meal.

I give it a top rating and the prices are decent for sure. Just remember this Cuban Restaurant gets busy so your going to have to wait a few minutes unless you order ahead of time. It's a social place where people hang out a little bit and enjoy the food. Everything is prepared fresh to your order and get any sandwich pressed and hot which makes it so much better.
Tara Z.

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Cuban Food

The cuban sandwich ingredients are swiss cheese, fat-free mayonnaise, roasted ham, dill pickles, yellow mustard, loaf of cuban bread, red onion, roast pork, and sliced tomatoes. On the menu is a lovely pan con lechon sandwich, shredded roast pork on cuban bread. One of my favorites is the famoso pollo versailles roasted garlic chicken.

The Tampa steak company is close by and looks very interesting to check out. I want to get some beef brisket to make some slow cooker barbecue meat. It would be nice to have a really good Meat Market over the Grocery Store with great prices to use for the crock pot and Barbecue Grill.

Bernard H.

Aguila Sandwich Shop

3200 West Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa FL 33614

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