Beach Street Access Area

Beach Street Access Area

You have to take the off the beaten path around Key West to find some of the best places on the island. Sure, the locals know about it because they've been here long enough to figure it out. For instance to not just bike along Duval Street and the main roads down there, go in the opposite direction and cover the areas you have not been yet.

It is great to highlight some of the places that most people do not find when they are on vacation in Key West. We asked one of the locals where the best beaches to go and they selected this particular location. Getting wet with nice water clarity is amazingly invigorating. There's a really nice bar close by here called Louis backyard For Lunch after you swim. Swimming is always the highlight of my day, that and of course one of those big Captain Tony's cocktails!
Nell O.

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Treasures at the Beaches

Finding cool little beach zones and fun places makes the trip exciting. Anytime you hit the water take a scuba mask just in case.

Jade N.

Earthly Delights at Backyard Beach

Anywhere you have Beach Access is a good thing. It is neat to walk in about a foot of water and look down to see stuff below. Come out here and see the stars at night over the water. Near Louis Backyard Restaurant.

Eldon L.

Vernon Street Beach

1490 Vernon Street
Key West FL 33040

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