Special Shopping Places

Special Shopping Places

This is really nice way to show off a personal picture from your camera. High quality wood art signs are really nice for people to make a statement. You will set a lot of great Lobster Shack Style all over the many Florida Keys Resorts. Signs have the option of Customizable Text, just fill in what the new words. How neat is this, custom signs made one at a time. These are the best thing going for home decor and vacation beach homes.
Robyn S.

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Treasures you pick Out

Islamorada is a really neat town to tour on bicycles and stop at the shops along the way. Bicycle Riding and Shopping is the best type of exercise that's fun and rewarding. Whatever treasures you pick out while on bikes, you can come back and pick up later in the car. If you are trying to do some Home Improvement fix up, take a look at the tile art. The store can take standard size ceramic tile pieces and turn them into art. The photographic styled ceramic tile can be the same size as the project you're working on so you can intermix the art tile with the regular tile pieces to make a beautiful wall. When you go into the store and browse around the ideas for art on your walls will jump out at you. The hardwood tiles are really unique and makes a great gift to put on the wall.

Delbert Y.

Overseas Art Shop

82200 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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