Water Rides

Water Rides

I have to admit that I am now hooked on water rides after coming here. The place is extremely fun and really clean. I like really fancy swimming pools that are kept to the perfect quality and temperature. When it gets cold do close in the winter, as his places more of a summer time activity in Tampa.

QUESTION: What should we bring to Adventure Island Water Park? ANSWER: You would think it would be wise to bring a big bag, but I would recommend bringing inside as little as possible. A wrist wrap to hold your car key and that is it! You will not have to worry about kids stealing your stuff, which does happen at all of the Florida Water Parks. If you need something, it takes just a couple of minutes to walk to the car.

For those people that really need to take stuff inside, put everything in one large bag and you can rent a locker. It saves you money to avoid having to pay for the locker, however it is convenient for you to be able to store your wallet, video camera, cell phone and the rest of those kind of things that you might need during the day.

When you're ready to hop on some more slides and rides, you just stop over at your locker and put your valuables inside. They have thought of everything, and we sure love to get wet and stay cool. This is one of the best Things to Do in Tampa on a summer day with children.
Winifred M.

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Cooling Off

They have lockers you can rent if you do not want to leave the valuables in the car. I like the wrist key wrap idea. All you really need to bring then is the waterproof video camera, and that is wrist ready too!

Nell R.

Tampa Ideas to Do

Good times, and with limited line length on school days before noon. Mostly people tend to come in late. Do not even bother going here on the weekends, it is more fun during low ride line times.

Terrell T.

Must do Tampa

Oh my is the place great for rides and lots of cafes nearby! We can eat at the fancy place and Florida Travel Commander will buy. What is better than the 1905 salad and the Happy Hour Music picks. What a good zone for eating, plus lots we can do on bikes.

Tommy N.

Adventure Island

10001 Malcolm McKinley Drive
Tampa FL 33612

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