Conch Republic Spirits Store

Conch Republic Spirits Store

This is where we buy alcohol when we are in Key West. What could be better than the southernmost liquor store! It's extremely cute and the people that work here are fantastic. Maybe it is the location or some people in general, they seem to have more fun and are all smiles behind the counter.

When we first got here we didn't know where were gonna buy beer and of course same thing goes for vodka, rum, and anything else you might need.

Ask questions about making some fancy tropical drinks. Remember it's 5 o'clock sometime somewhere, so you need to get into the groove. We always make drinks ahead of time in our hotel room before we go out to save some cash.

Fishing is good but it really takes a lot out of you and that's when you need a few drinks to get your self back up to speed. It was nice to go out and take advantage of the cost-effective fresh catch fish which you can grill out at your hotel barbecue with a cocktail in hand.

You want to do some research before your visit to know how to make great caribbean cocktails. Do know that the Bahama Mama is the rum cocktail was born during the Bahamas.
Raymond C.

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Buying Beer Along Duval Street

Very smooth is the Southernmost Wheat in the wide mouth bottle. Sunset Ale is a tropical style of brew that is raved about by me. That price is really good for the Key West Pilsner Light.

Kelvin G.

Southernmost Liquor Store

What could be better than the southernmost liquor store. I have to admit something to everybody, we end up drinking a lot more alcohol down here on this island than any other place we vacation.

We love to make margaritas and they have all of the alcohol and the mix you will need plus salt for the rim of your glass. I think it's because we do so much fitness all day, and burn a lot of calories, so we drink alcohol because were thirsty and it's just the way it is you can drink more especially if there's a hurricane coming!

Omg, you were right! You predicted it. They are cancelling the bulk of the Duval festival activities on Monday and starting on Tuesday afternoon instead. They will have all day Monday to have a hurricane party.

Irene O.

Cheapee's Liquor

423 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040-6564

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