Healthy Food Right off the Docks

Healthy Food Right off the Docks

It is more than just the fresh lobster, get whatever is good to eat that comes out of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the key things to do in Key Largo is eat the critters that come from the sea. Healthy food is here and you just need to pack it down with ice or right inside the RV freezer. Taking food from the islands back home is a good idea.
Dean B.

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Eating Good Seafood

Lobster season is a big deal down here. I would and by the lobster unless it's in season, because you would be getting frozen. All of the people that are into eating good seafood need to understand the rules of when you get fresh stuff and when it's frozen and been sitting in her freezer for a month.

Of course if you go to a fantastic fishmarket like this, you will be in good shape. After you eat healthy and get your exercise then it is party time. You have gone crazy on cinco de mayo! Put the tequila away please. It is a Tuesday night!

Marylou C.

Buying Fresh Lobster

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