Cable TV

Cable TV

It does not take long to figure out which is the best Tampa Bay area cable TV company. Key to me is price, bandwidth, options, and number of TV channels to pick from. Go with charter spectrum which now owns brighthouse, which has always been the best in St Petersburg and Tampa.

The service guy from brighthouse was here for a while fixing my system. During that time, he brain dumped his knowledge of smart TV technology and how he uses it with hulu. He talks to his TV, change to tnt and I want that!

You can search google on the smart TV using voice searches, and I want that too! I will tell you more later as I continue to research my new smart TV Purchase. He says a fifty five inch is perfect for a long living room such as here. More later in the next few weeks. What great service by arron and I learned something while he fixed my system up!
Isaac I.

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Charter Spectrum

For sure charter spectrum is the best Tampa Cable TV company. You need to learn all the features for a smart TV Purchase. The remote control comes with an internal microphone that makes it possible to use voice based commands.

We love smart TV tools and tricks. The smart TV comes packaged with a remote control system that has the ability to control other systems in the house such as home theaters. The remote control comes with voice recognition abilities.

Gesture controls can be used to operate this smart TV due to the inbuilt cameras. There are gaming apps you can access directly from your television, without needing a console. The samsung smart TV comes with a built in camera, that is advanced providing clear images during skype calls.

Hulu offers online streaming service providing content such as TV shows, music videos and movies. Just like on smartphones, the way to get the most out of your smart TV is to use apps.

Jc F.

Charter Cable

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