Cape Canaveral Ocean Park

Cape Canaveral Ocean Park

Some beach parks just have it all going on and that is for sure the huge Jetty Park. It is huge, and has this monster sized fishing park. They fish here all night long and there is a camp ground in this park. Watch the big boats go through while you are on the beach.

The whole family came with us and we decided to make a day of it from Orlando. We wanted to do something besides the Disney life during our vacation and we could not have picked a nicer Beach Park to explore. This place is great, just try to park your car in the shade. The sightseeing on the Pier is plenty for me as the cruise ships go right by the walkway. This is my pick for beaches close to Orlando Theme Parks.

You can fish, swim, go Surfing, and then relax under the shade trees. The soft sand will work your legs like no other way. The camping store is there if you forgot some supplies. Certainly, a fantastic picnic park is beachfront in port canaveral. Very large park area, one that you can do long power-fitness walks.
Isabella O.

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No problem, I got it. Jetty Park is closing due to storm. There are some really nice spots for nightlife on the island. We get lots of positive feedback on: Heidi's Jazz Club, the redhead, and Fishlips. Cocoa Beach Nightlife is excellent.

Annie V.

Jetty Park

400 Jetty Road
Cape Canaveral FL 32920

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