Emergency Care

Emergency Care

What to do if the cat scratches you and it bleeds? ? I needed to find out right away about cat scratches and bites as soon as I looked at my hands and wrists and saw the blood dripping. Being a Cat Foster is a fantastic thing as I have been trying to reduce the Tampa Stray Cats by assisting some of the local organizations. I needed to know whether I should go to Tampa General Hospital or not.

I talked to people at the Tampa Animal Rescue center and they said everything depends on the severity. Luckily for me these wounds were not around my eyes, lips, or other highly sensitive parts of the body. It matters what did the scratching as a feral cat for instance is a lot more likely to have some sort of bacteria on the claws. I have already had a tetanus injection lately and I had antibiotics in my medicine cabinet.

While I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, assessing where and how deep the wound is seems to me to be critical. Cleaning the area quickly and stopping the bleeding was the first thing I did. The idea is to reduce or eliminate the bacteria as quickly as possible and you don't want to spread it. I decided to take some sterile gauze bandage and lightly wrap it up and keep it covered up for a couple of days. I was told to watch for infection and that did not occur so all turned out well.

Seems to me if anybody has concerns about the treatment for cat scratches they should seek out a local medical professional. Getting advice on the web should help you along the path to grasping the situation, but as with any injury you might want to air on the side of caution. There's nothing wrong with seeking out a physician's opinion and treatment, and that might be the most appropriate thing to do in many of these situations.
Patrice Z.

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Scratched by a Cat

But I am unable to get peekaboo in the box. Here is what happened. I had her in twice, but she broke through. She is just so ski-dish and very powerful. She scratched the heck out of me, drawing a lot of blood on my wrist and hand, but otherwise I am fine.

Perhaps if I started feeding her inside of a large carrier, then I could just shut the cage door. I do not think the box is going to work. You probable know the tricks. Any ideas? Sister howdeedo is at the Pet Hospital now.

Aline B.

Cat Scratch

I got her and she is at the Animal Hospital! Shutting the doors and reducing the escape area was key, then I flipped the couches over, limiting more hiding area. The first time, I did not practice with the box and had no clear idea of how to close it quickly.

That practice was the key, plus this time I put gloves on, so I could maintain my grip. This time she was so stressed that she did not fight back. I learned a lot today for sure!

Manuel B.

Handling Cats

Sometimes it is the cats that win the battle and the human is the one that needs emergency care at the human hospital. Just imagine the things that happen at the Horse Track with those huge animals.

I respect anybody that will do a Cat Rescue. Thank you so much for all the information and the Cat Foster Frequently Asked Questions which were excellent. Make sure when you get your kitties back from the pet veterinarian that you order one of the shrimp dishes off the Chinese Menu as that is something my cats love the most.

Miguel D.

Feral Cats

Ouch! Those back claws got you when they try to spring away. Just clean it well with soap and water and put some antibiotic ointment on it if you have some. Sorry it was such a stressful ordeal for you and those feral cats. Boxes are definitely more difficult than regular carriers.

I found out we got a few carriers donated from a former foster - they just need to be disinfected well. I can pick them up from kathy and bring to you Saturday if you'd like.

Keneth C.

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