Cat Spayed

Cat Spayed

I did not realize how big of a deal is the kitty cat spay operation. It takes only ten minutes, but is very invasive. For the female kitties, first the veterinarian will sedate and anesthetize the kitty, or put her to sleep. The veterinarian will shave an area on the belly-abdomen just below the navel. I did not even know they had a navel!

Next up, they make a small incision in her, again luckily they are asleep during this. The veterinarian removes the important female parts to reproduction, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, which seems like a big deal to me. The pet veterinarian will then close the incision with surgical sutures, meaning get stitched up, with dissolvable stitches.

Good news is the speed at which their kitty recovers from a spay surgery, as within twenty four hours, most cats will be acting eating, moving about and purring. The pet owner or Pet Foster needs to look to ensure the cut is healing properly.

Thank goodness this is a once in a life issue, as a new Cat Foster will worry plenty! The male cats have a much easier time with the neuter procedure, where they are not even put to sleep like the girls.
Christy A.

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