Swimming Season is from May to October

Many people do not realize that the Atlantic Ocean is about five to eight degrees lower end temperature then of Florida gulf. When you're going to Cocoa Beach, plan your vacation for window water temperature is at least eighty. Trust me, the wind and the waves when the water gets cold or starts to get a little tougher to handle.

We love the mid summer, when the water is about eighty five degrees! The first time we went to Cocoa Beach of vacation was in April and the water temperature then was around seventy two. Burr, there was no way that I could even get more than my toes in the water that day. It was cloudy and windy and seventy two had no possibility.

Beach bars and bikinis a plenty dot the entire shoreline and oceanfront. It is nice to do some water toss in one or two feet of water. Never saw a Pier with shops, restaurants, fishing, and beach bars on top. We loved the Pier. Less traffic, better hotel prices, big waves, and plenty of happy hours! Another great thing is the one dollar happy hour beers at the sunset cafe.
Eliseo U.

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Monthly ocean temperatures in Cocoa Beach

We have already booked our plans for late August and I was very surprised to look up that the water temperature was only 81 degrees. That seemed awfully low for a really hot time of the year. The Atlantic Ocean is just so deep it has lots of cold pockets.

Tanisha N.

Swimming in the Ocean

Typically we start the day out on the shoreline waves with our beach toys: body boards, beach bikes. Do not miss some of the Things to Do on the bay like to kayak thousand islands at Ramp Road Park. The city scene is a super area to tempt your seafood palate and indulge your Beer fix!

I bet the Cocoa Beach Pier gets heavy damage or fall in do to the hurricane. At the same time, the Daytona Beach Pier will be just fine.

Dessie F.

Swimming Season

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