Be sure to feed the Kitties

Be sure to feed the Kitties

One of the historic things you will get to know in the city are the famous six-toed cats. Yes, only down on this island can the cats rule, thanks to Hemingway! The cats are part of the show and live wild, like the chickens, all over Key West.

You can eat at the Six-Toed Cafe, buy Six-Toed beer, and shop at the Six-Toed Store! On the Hemingway Tour you see things just like the way it was many years ago. Fun stuff like this is what it's all about. Remember if you Go Deep to Catch Fish that you can bring your leftovers and served the cats of Key West.

I think this is very cool and are many Places for the Kids in Key West as it's not as rough as people make it out. One of the good places we like here a lot is called Cow Key Marina if you need boating help. For coffee in the morning I like the Sippin Internet Cafe for quick food and great coffee.
Giuseppe W.

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Kids can feed the Hemingway Cats

Actually, most of the cats you see in the city are registered, owned and loved. The city rounds up stray cats and they knocked out that problem years ago. So cool it is, Part of the Hemingway Home Tour.

October is all about the cats at the Ladies All-Tackle Backcountry Tournament in Islamorada. Yes, this is a major fundraiser all put together to help control the feral cat population of the Florida Keys. Prizes are given to the winning female anglers that fish for the largest numbers of snook, bonefish, permit, red fish, and tarpon. Please join us at

Kenton R.

Cats are huge around the Island

The Lion King Kitty cats need a bit of attention while they are going strong. Nothing is better than the mile marker zero cats. They handle the heat so well. How hot is too much for Cats?

I did some research and they say that a Lion King Kitty food eating area should be elevated. Yes, we will build a climbing system and the Lion King Kitty will eat closer to the ceiling. Kitties are climbers. This will be great. Top priority.

I have figured out the best Lion King Kitty name of all time: How-dee-do! They love it when I say it slow and long. It is Lion King Kitty-pooh-juniors new nickname, How-dee-do! My grandmother used to great me with that one, what a treasure.

Debbie U.

Key West Cats

Chasing and catching the kitties is not for me. If you want help, super. I just watch the neighborhood kitties and cats now, not getting too involved. Only kitty-pooh-juniors do I give a lot of effort.

Just him, that is it. Send him out for the super moon!

Justine Q.

Six-Toed Cats

907 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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