Crane Creek Promenade

Crane Creek Promenade

Exploring on foot is definitely the way to go when you're down in the Melbourne main little city center near the railroad tracks and Off the Traxx bar. You will find Crane Creek park otherwise known as Crane Creek promenade, which is one of the showcase places near all the restaurants where you can check out the waterfront. It is fun to come down and see the different critters, and always the birds, plus even the big manatee come swimming in during the winter months when it gets really cold.

Only when the water temperature is about as cold as it gets in Florida do the manatees come inside to try to find the warm water, so most the time you will not see them even though the sign says Manatee Viewing area. Do not always believe what you read however it is true for about one month of the year in February! It would be nice to know what all is in this water out here as there are an abundant amount of fish. You can see the birds often just diving down in the water to get this small little minnows which live in these protected areas. Fishing is huge all over Brevard County you can find quite a few different Fishing piers In the Area plus right here off the dockage.

One of the best things about the small size city like Melbourne is, you don't have as much hustle and bustle in the way. Everything you can get to pretty darn quickly and even use your bicycle. It only takes maybe ten minutes or so or twenty minutes at the most to get the bicycle ride over to the Atlantic Ocean. Spend some time around the waterfront for a while or maybe dip in and get some swimming in the surf, then you can easily just bike right back over to this area to get some food and lunch. Even a hotel which is not that far away like the Hilton Oceanfront is easily Bicycle Riding distance from Crane Creek park.

Once you get down to this area, there's no need to take off because you gonna like your options for good things to do and eat. Make sure you go over and see the big Mansion which is about two blocks away from where this photograph was taken. They make the best sandwiches at the cafes in Melbourne Downtown and their huge. You might think six dollars is a lot to pay for a sandwich but when it's so huge that you can only eat half and there's plenty more extra, then you've got something good. They make Italian food by the way, that's what I'm talking about when The Mansion is mentioned. They have a rooftop view that overlooks the water of the Melbourne Harbor, just two blocks from Crane Creek promenade.

Just down to the left is a great place to eat that you probably would know about unless you're a local because it's hidden, called Ichabods bar and grill. What could be better than enjoy delicious food while viewing the beautiful sunsets over the downtown waterfront. I sure wish when we were here that it would've been a little more sunny out, since it was overcast on this day. My preference is to take photographs that are gorgeous and so vivid and those darn clouds sure get in the way every now and then. We still had a fun time down here and I would certainly recommend East New Haven Avenue for all ages. Come here hungry or not and be willing to walk because you can see a lot within five minutes in any direction. Site seeing is plentyful in Downtown Melbourne and so are the happy hour Beer prices!
Brandi W.

Crane Creek

East Melbourne Avenue
Melbourne FL 32901

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