Crowne Plaza Oceanfront

Crowne Plaza Oceanfront

It would be my pleasure to give you a review of our stay here at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne oceanfront hotel. I'm gonna try to remember all the little tidbits that I can remember about this fine place. We knew it was special when we got here just in the parking lot.

Immediately when you get out of your vehicle you will hear the waves pounding against The Shoreline. The first day of our arrival the waves are only two to three feet according to the Brevard County Surf Report update, and those are darn good size waves. Staying on the Beach is all about taking advantage of the shoreline so we spent most of our time there during the day.

The best part probably was the swimming pool area and the walk down to the ocean and we sure did that a lot. The stairway that you take down to get to the Beach Sand is just lovely because you get a really good view when you first start out before you head down. The stairwell must be five to ten yards up in the air. What a treat was the first time we got down to the bottom and actually put our feet in the sand.

It was a January trip and the water was a surprising seventy-two degrees. We came on the first day of January and wanted to stay for five nights because this is the end of the holiday season and Florida is really good for vacations in the winter. The weather was excellent for the most part, as we had two days a little bit overcast and cloudy with a high of about sixty-seven degrees. At that temperature you're not as focused on the swimming so that's perfect for Shopping and heading down to East New Haven Avenue to see the historic district.

Three of the days were really sunny and nice with a temperature of about eighty-two degrees and we loved it. When you can get eighty degrees in January with the sun shining you have really hit vacation gold. That to some people is better than winning the Florida lottery or the fantasy five. That's one thing about vacation planning in the sunshine state like this, the later that you can go and do last-minute hotel reservations, the better off you are.

We had been looking at that first twenty day weather forecast, and then it was the ten day weather forecast, and even the five day weather cast was not accurate. I know they try to do a good job here locally with the Melbourne Beach weather on TV, but do not expect perfection unless you are talking about things that are gonna happen in the next forty-eight hours and that's when last-minute hotel reservations in Florida really come through.

Since your right on the Atlantic Ocean you want to try to get a high up view. I actually think the second or the third floor is pretty darn good and then you don't have to take the elevators. What a nice thing is just being able to go quickly down a flight or two of stairs and not wait around for the elevator to finally land on your floor. You can still see darn good out plus you can see the people better if you're on the second or third floor. Once you get up to the fifth or sixth floor things are completely different and a lot of people like the impressive height of the up stairs balcony units.

Even from your balcony you will be able to hear the waves loud and clear and they don't stop. You might think around five am that the waves would be calm, like the wind is usually in Florida. Waves are different and are driven from a whole level of gravitational pull that's beyond my ability to explain.

I couldn't say enough good things about this hotel. You are In the Area of NASA to take advantage of the opportunity to see one of the space coast flights. They have a schedule of the space launches that is online at the nasa government website and it's worth checking out before you make the trip so you can look up at the sky at the time that is announced. It is impressive to be this close to the space launching facility and if you get up to Cocoa Beach make sure you go to alan shepherd beach park in honor of that great astronaut.
Ian B.

Crowne Plaza

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