Daily Hollywood Studios Event Show

Daily Hollywood Studios Event Show

This is what children like the most at Disney. Fewer Crowds are there at the tail of The Parade, so we prefer the end of the parade route. Our photos with the Disney characters have all happened at the end of the show. You are better off watching from the end of the parade route. Hit the whole park, but don't miss the parade. You and your kids can get right up close to see The Characters, dancing, singing, and more!
Rico J.

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Sit up Close

I love the daily parades, and make sure you sit up close so you can get lots of photos. Most people don't think about the fact that the gonna be sitting there for about a half hour and you want to find a place with the sun at your back for your photography, and in the shade to your cozy. It's not just the beautiful views that you get around the theme parks, as The Hotels are lovely with that sprinkled and Disney gardening expertise.

I would vote for a balcony view at the Beach Club, not my typical view was All-Star Sports Resort, but still nice. I need my Softball field back and the sports at Disney is really nice. Covering a Basketball league tonight for a co-worker who has a sick newborn in icu at children's healthcare. Hopefully everything turns out okay like the pizza at the ilovenypizza4corners.com cafe. I guess I shouldn't admit that I broke things off after he got a divorce, huh? Married wasn't the problem, that just sounds sad. No more married to anyone other than Mickey Mouse vacations. At this point, no more dudes, too much drama. I thought women were the overly dramatic ones?

Rolando D.

Stars and Motorcars Parade

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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