Darn Good Fun Stuff

Darn Good Fun Stuff

From the pre-show area to the ride stop is all good. After you are ushered into a darkened back alleyway, a Super Stretch limo takes you on the ride start. The 24-passenger limo screeches to a halt in front of you and that is when the heart starts pounding.

The enclosed limo style coaster ride is quite dark, so that you can't make out what twists or turns are ahead of you. Look during the ride for the individually lit Southern California landmarks.

The fast rides using Fastpass are the best, and what makes this the best of the rollercoasters is it's hidden. Until you actually go on the ride you do not see a thing. Even at Space Mountain you see a giant white dome, but it's dark inside so you don't see anything in there! Make sure you do every single one of the fast rollercoaster rides and that includes at Islands of Adventure because they've got a couple of doozies.
Mia G.

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Makes the Heart Skip a Beat

This is the rollercoaster of Music fans. Everybody should be on their game when they come to the theme parks and have music already downloaded so it will keep you busy while you're waiting in line. We've had real good luck with spotify music app. I love the fact that they have theme playlists which include a Disney genre. They even have tropical island music, like the stuff they would have on the playlist when you're in Key West. It's fun to play music and shuffle mode and it would get you psyched up to hit some of the fantastic Orlando bars for the beers, tunes, and the food. Very good is the Taste of Asia and Mediterranean Blue Restaurant dining.

Stanley Z.


I need a few days of no travel when staying at Marriott Residence Inn or All-Star Movies resort! In the past fifteen days, I have been in tryon nc, Orlando only overnight, atlanta, raleigh, toronto, jekyll island, boston, philly, atlanta, and now chicago. Girl is tired.

I get to go home later in the week though and then a quick trip to the Orlando area next week and I think I am actually home until the Monday after turkey day. I have a few meetings at the other job and thanksgiving at my sister's oh and black Friday, I love Best Buy black Friday, but beyond that I might not leave the house. Ok, we all know that isn't happening. Sorry I'm such a terrible email returner. I Sit Down with my laptop and mean to answer emails every night, but I get distracted and then end up falling asleep dreaming of Mickey Mouse vacations most nights.

Cherie R.


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