Staying at the Entertainment Boardwalk

Staying at the Entertainment Boardwalk

QUESTION: Any suggestions for Disney Vacation Packages? ? We are trying to pick out a resort. ANSWER: Perfect For all Ages to smile wide, stay and play at the Boardwalk Carnival and Entertainment District. This is one of the best areas in Orlando for Nightlife without using a car or bus. There are a myriad of cocktail bars and restaurants to choose from. Expect the entire area to be jumping with excitement, and it builds steam as the day turns to night. Great place.
Helene C.

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Hotels close to Epcot

What a fun place and we got to tour it yesterday after we got out of Epcot. You walk from the Epcot Restaurant Area, there is a gate to get through that is open to the public. We came for lunch at the Espn Club and decided to check out the hotel. It is huge.

Eloise I.

Take the Boat Taxi Rides

Boat Taxi rides are the only way to get dropped off at the theme parks! Yes, there are a series of boats that cruise the waterway as a free Taxi Service for hotel guests. So cool, and much better than the Transportation System at Universal Hotels.

Donnie M.

Entertainment at the Resort

Expect a really good time as there is entertainment mixed in, Disney style. Yes, Cast Members do their thing just like over at the theme parks. They pop out of nowhere and perform. We love this area, which is great to go out for some adult Nightlife Cocktails (beer and wine).

Hallie U.

Central Florida Hotel Winner

We could go here at Thanksgiving. Disney is great about the holidays in The Hotels. Leave Friday morning and stay until Sunday morning.

Jenna E.

Swimming Pools are the Summer Treat

I think the warmer months are best for Disney, with longer days and the full benefit of swimming. With a lot more people swimming, the staff must do more of the Pool Games throughout the day.

Abdul M.

Boardwalk Villas

2101 North Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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