Playful Ideas for Daytime

Playful Ideas for Daytime

The Frontierland Park area has a lot of nice things to do, all family style. But to give your children a chance to really run around and get some fitness our pick is Tom Sawyer Island. Your kids can get a sweat going going through caves, bridges, and tunnels on this big Island. They cannot get lost, so you can wait at the restaurant for them to return. Of course, we all carry communication ability with our cell phones, just in case.
Evan E.

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Saving Money and Avoiding the Lines

Being fans of Disney we come a lot and now stay at the cheaper resorts to save. Yes, there are things you get that add up, like the auto parking is free at all the theme parks. Yes, that is included in the price when you stay at a Disney Resort. The Magic Kingdom is where we go after dark, as it stays open and there are no lines on Big Thunder or Splash Mountain.

Jaclyn I.

The attraction rides are getting more High Tech

Yeah to the Magic Kingdom, oh so fun. I love the Splash Mountain Rollercoaster as you get both the fast ride and all the Disney effects and audio-animatronics at the same time on one ride.

Felix F.

Frontierland Park

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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