Movie Set Train Ride

Movie Set Train Ride

After watching all of these wonderful Disney Video Stories, I just had to write about our fun trip to Hollywood Studios. We took our first trip to see all of the Movie-set Nostalgia, and they have plenty of it stored here. Yes, the real artifacts from hundreds of Disney Movie Classics and you see it all on a really cool Train Ride. Everyone in the family will want to do this for sure. Lasts for about 30 minutes, a show and ride combo.
Carl A.

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Catastrophe Canyon

It is a very nice Tram Ride. I believe the trams are the same ones or similar that they use out in the Disney Parking Lots. You can take wind blocked video from behind the first seating area in each tram. As there is a wind breaker to help you shot on the move.

Kerry O.

What to See

Be careful on this ride with your video camera. It could easily Get Wet, plus cleaning the lens off is a pain. A little Disney Videopass would be nice, but it is more fun to take your own video.

Emilie O.

Backlot Tram Tour

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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