Surf Board Shop

Surf Board Shop

This is the place to buy all the boards for the waves. Cocoa Beach is the perfect place for Body Boarding and the boards start at about ten dollars and the price goes way up. You can tell by the photograph of the Surf Shop on the outside that this is an extremely cool looking place. If you're within walking distance of the shop from your hotel, that is great and you'll probably be in here at least once a day during your trip. For those in Melbourne go to which is not the same as Ron Jon Surf Shop.

They have a nice place to lock your bicycles outside of the shopping plaza, and that's the way we got here most of the time so we would just use a bag to carry the things we bought back to the hotel. Make sure you take all of the things that you buy and lock them in the trunk of your car, so there is much less chance of anything happening to your precious beach gifts On Vacation. This town is really safe, but whenever there's young kids around there are pranksters. We love coming here because it is so peaceful and general, plus super for shopping deals.

Body boarding is the way to get started with everything, as it's really easy to do. You can rent a body board if you would like to just do it that way and try it for an hour or two. Most people get a body board for under twenty-five dollars and that way they can keep it at home and bring it every time they come on vacation to the ocean. Every once in a while you can actually use your body boards over and Cocoa Beach or Naples beach, but typically it's from Jacksonville all way down to Miami is going to be where your doing the Body Boarding and the Surfing.

Make sure you don't have anything loose on when you're out playing around in the waves. Things can disappear like flip-flops because they break loose and then that's it, they become a treasure floating and you are back to the Ron Jon Surf Shop to replace them with something even cooler!
Kevin A.

Ron Jon

4151 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach FL 32931
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