Donut Shop

Donut Shop

The best Tampa donut shop is here and open seven days a week, so get a dozen doughnut! While I have never met a cookie I did not like, Doughnuts, for me, represent absolute perfection for Sweet Treats. Do not get me wrong, my grandmother's pecan pie is my number one. Chocolate cake is near the top of my list. For sure though, super great for a treat is a donut made here on west kennedy boulevard, at south macdill avenue. It opened in 1952 and is beloved by those in South Tampa.

Coffee with Donuts is a real treat. There is not much in this world that is better than a good Krispy Kreme jelly filled donut. My kids love them doused in sugary glaze and topped generously with colored sprinkles.

Even the plain style is good with coffee or milk, when the dough itself is not too sweet. A glazed is yeasty, soft, and yummy-perfect. It is the ideal canvas for endless variations to suit your whims. A few of my favorites include chocolate glazed cruller, grape jelly doughnut, maple frosted, chocolate iced custard filled, original glazed, lemon doughnut, chocolate frosted, and glazed cinnamon.
Normand E.

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This is the best Tampa donut shop for sure. I love strawberry frosted, coconut jelly stick, maple iced glazed, glazed blueberry, bavarian creme, powdered strawberry filled, and apple fritter. Let's go get a dozen Donuts today, but no need to come first thing. The air conditioner maintenance man is coming at 8:00am to make sure air conditioner is working and see if it needs freon and then it is doughnut buying time!

Nikki T.

Krispy Kreme

3113 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa FL 33609

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