Downtown Fort Myers Beach

Downtown Fort Myers Beach

If you never been to this area before, this is the perfect little beach town with all the pleasures of the island life to do! I think it's a mix between a leisure vacation and being active with all they beach walking and of course you can ride your bicycle down the beach with the hardpacked sand. Everybody's all smiles each day as you meander about between the shopping and the great little restaurants. The beach downtown city center is just part of the fun. It is the grouping area where the music band stand is located, plus festivals happen on a regular basis. Everyone really needs to explore the entire area from the bowditch point park, which is the northernmost tip of the island, all away through past Estero bay down to lovers key park.

It's really easy to get out here for the people In the Cape Coral area and downtown Fort Myers. And that's what's a big part of all the popularity. It's the destination of choice for locals, however the secret is been out for a long time. The hotels do very well with out-of-state guests. You don't really have to plan anything just show up and park your car and make a day trip out of it. Once you do that you probably want to come back soon thereafter and do a weekend getaway, and I love the summer when the prices are oh so low.

We thought about the Marriott Residence Inn that is labeled as Fort Myers and sanibel, but it's really on the other side of the Causeway Bridge. So we really wanted to be on one of the islands and this is perfect. Bicycles are must if you can bring them if not head down to quickie scooters as they do a good job. Sightseeing is the big deal so you want to be able to navigate quickly from place to place to see it all!
Mitchell P.

Old San Carlos Blvd

340 Old San Carlos Boulevard
Fort Myers Beach FL 33931
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