Downtown Melbourne Park

Downtown Melbourne Park

One of the things I noticed right away when we got here is how historic is this area. There are all kinds of different restored buildings and artifacts which are fabulous to explore. There's a lot of free parking Downtown so you can really get into this whole Eau Gallie Art District plus the restaurants and the sightseeing. You are really close to a lot of scenic things with people Fishing and there's a lot of activity In the Area. I would call this one of the more busy parts of town because there's a lot of people moving around picking up things to eat and Exploring on bicycles.

I was very impressed by the way each of the old artifacts is labeled with a nice sign with a short summary of What's it All About. You can learn a lot of different things in just an hour to walking around this terrific city center. I was very impressed with East New Haven Avenue and that cute restaurant row. How could one city have two places like that with the lots of shops and Things to Do all clumped together but not too crowded. You get the small town feel as you browse around and check out the Antiques. Do not miss Squid Lips bar, as they have a great waterfront spot just about one block away from Eau Gallie Park.

Thank goodness the small towns in Florida have free parking where you can just stop anywhere you want, if you see some you want to check out. The hospitality is just what I like and that's why we picked this area for vacation. We stayed at the Hilton Oceanfront which is just about maybe fifteen minutes on the Beach Bike from Mario's cafe here on the corner. I like the fact that we picked a hotel that has a bridge so you can go back and forth to the mainland unlike some of the areas between here and Vero Beach. It's important to be near one of the city centers so you have lots to do and don't get bored because you can only spend so much time on the beach each day.

Come over here to this zone and that's where you get a little culture since you been beach bumming it and Riding the Waves! Melbourne Beach gives you little of everything from the Surfing to the art world, plus the quaint streets and the backroads. This is my kind of zone you will like it. Just park your bicycle over here and explore this area for at least a half hour to an hour on foot. We recommend it, plus there is coffee to drink and food to eat, plus lots to see. Thank goodness for free Melbourne downtown auto parking to enjoy it all!
Granville G.

Eau Gallie Park

1452 Highland Avenue
Melbourne FL 32935
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