Fishing Locations

Fishing Locations

Thank goodness are so many great free places to go Fishing in Melbourne. You do not have to pay an entrance fee like they charge at Sebastian Inlet Surfing beach, although we love that Fishing Pier big time. I would do a little bit of all of the different Fishing piers In the Area because they each have lots of sightseeing. It's more fun to go to a different place to fish than to go to the same spot over and over again, even if it's productive. I was amazed how many fish you can catch and the good size, and plenty of bluefish and pompano fish keepers.

We actually discovered this particular Fishing Pier by accident when we came over here to eat some food at Squid Lips cafe which is right next to the Pier. There's free parking and it's a great area to explore using your feet when you get done with your Fishing Adventures. I couldn't believe all the stuff to see within such a short location, as we walked around for about an hour and a half after we put the fish on ice in the car.

We always bring a big cooler because you just don't know what's gonna happen and lots of ice so that way you don't have to rush home and I preferred to clean the fish when I get home. It's a lot easier to deal with the fish in my kitchen where I have my best knife and a big cutting board than trying to deal with it out here with all the birds.

You are definitely gonna want to go out and do at least one day of Atlantic Ocean Shoreline Fishing. The key to that particular skill is to have the Fishing Rod Anchor to keep your pole secure. That is a whole different experience because you're dealing with the waves in the ocean, and all the people walking by. When you're Fishing off of a wooden structure it's pretty easy just to cast out and reel in. Fighting the nature of the Atlantic Ocean is truly a whole different challenge.

We are going to be putting a lot of energy into highlighting the great places to go for free in Melbourne. Of course we are going to review many of the local restaurants like and the Beer bars, but a lot of the things we care about should be free like the parks and the Bicycle Riding locations. What a pleasure it is to spend time in a truly fantastic community that we love being a part of.

Fishing is just part of it, as people come here because they are happy On Vacation and people move here to live as a permanent Brevard County resident as the weather and the waves make for an excellent place to be. Once you conquer the Fishing and can eat fresh fish on a daily basis, you have mastered the art of being a Florida sportsman!
Rickie W.

Eau Gallie Pier

1521 Pineapple Avenue
Melbourne FL 32935

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