Epcot Showcase

Epcot Showcase

We are big fans of the food and I mean really good food, and it's all different styles at the various venues throughout the big showcase of restaurants. We have found out that it's all about the spices and most everything is thick and flavorful. This photograph shows you what is one of my favorites it's the Chinese Food area.

This is where you can go to get some egg drop soup. Oh my goodness is the food extra special like the hot and sour soup and then you can get a dish like the pork and garlic sauce as an entree. The Egg Rolls are outstanding and I always have to get about a dozen of those so we can take some with us.

Having a refrigerator back at the Pop Century Resort Hotel Room is a good thing so you can always get extra food. The french Bakery is about the best around and you are gonna want to get some Sweet Treats there for late-night snacks. One thing on the menu that you might want to try is called the salt and pepper shrimp, which I have to rave about. They have entertainment going on here periodically with those super good Chinese acrobats that fly through the air and balance things on their nose.

We like to walk around for as long as our legs a hold out and then will stop and eat somewhere like the Italian cafe if were not eating Chinese. There's a Sushi bar that's excellent and most everyplace has a good view. You can even eat Mexico and get a big mountain of nachos right there by the lake, plus beer, margaritas, what a fun time. It's a happening place and makes for a good time no matter what.

Thank goodness there's a lot of good Chinese Restaurant restaurants like luyahealthychinesefood.com choose from in the area because you can get some take out or have it delivered right to your hotel room. Everybody's hospitable on this side of town all chasing the disney tourist dollar. It's fun seven days a week and yummy.
Ron Z.


1510 Avenue Of The Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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