City Island Sporting Goods Store

Go for an hour or two, and they have adventure trips that go out for three days and two nights. The store is very cool if you are into outdoor gear. Each time I browse around the store more new things come out to make Kayaks carry everything so perfectly.

Here is so much that makes the trip memorable. While you paddle, the guide gives all info about this very special and fragile ecosystem. Yeah to it, rent a kayak in Islamorada.

One of the kayaks we should look at is sold by tractor supply, which is not far. It looks sweet as is the price tag. That would be a nice starting point in your search to buy one. The eight foot kayaks would be easy to steer and turn very quickly, so going into the mangroves would be much easier than the twelve foot double kayak tandem we are used.
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Watersports Store

What a great kayak store. When I get over there, we can get the gear ready. The kayak vests and other paddle for me are in the box outside. I will get everything out, clean them as needed. Today I went to Home Depot and bought some pvc pipes to help carry two Kayaks on the roof rack.

We are in good shape and can figure out any final details when we load them up. That will be done a day ahead of time, so we are confident all is well before we head towards the kayak ramp. If you need to water the front lawn, do it Tuesday evening so it is dry the rest of the time please.

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