Nightlife Ideas for All Ages

Be sure to consider this fantastic park of fun. We came away so impressed with fun spot pleasures. It is clean, nice, and great for Family Fun. There is lots to do for children at a cheaper price.

No longer do you just have the daylight hours to enjoy the theme parks. Extended hours at all of the parks, except for Animal Kingdom which closes early because of the wild animal care. We love for Nightlife with our kids Citywalk, SeaWorld nights, Hollywood Studios, and fun spot International Drive. It the old days we just had dinner at night, now we continue with The Theme Parks.

I was impressed with the fun spot option, which sure saves cash as compared to Disney or Seaworld. It is not the same. We went to Seaworld yesterday and I was impressed too. Here are the rides we did: jazzie jellies - Paddle Boats - net climb - skytower - Manta - shamu express - wild arctic ride - ocean commotion - Kraken - Journey to Atlantis - sea corousel - and swishy fishies.
Kelsey I.

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Good to Do on International Drive

Matteo's is right there around the corner from the Fun Spot Park and has great food with an emphasis on the best Italian. Everything on the menu is Chef prepared and cooked to order. Here are a few of our picks: Baked Clams, Penne Amatriciana, Veal Chop Valdostano, and Chicken Matteo. You can drink Cocktails, beer, and wine too!

Alex W.

Ready for the Family

Fun spot is really getting lots of publicity over their new wooden roller coaster called white lightning. Trying to hang with Disney has to be tough in this industry. Adding a roller coaster is a fiscally responsible thing to do to drive traffic. I am probably going to leave around noon. I am doing some things around the house this morning, then off to get food, My favorites are the Cinnabon Bites.

Jodie O.

Fun Spot Park

5551 Del Verde Way
Orlando FL 32819

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