All Smiles Once You Arrive

All Smiles Once You Arrive

Each of our trips down to the island have been such a pleasure. If you're looking for a fantastic vacation then start here with a trip to Key West. The tropical island offers lots of fun, plus you can stay in all sorts of Conch style hotels. It takes a bit of homework to decide among all the rental varieties, and it is all smiles once you arrive.
Margery E.

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Key West Getaway

This is a very good choice if you're looking to come down to Key West for a getaway. Once you get your reservation in, then you know it's true, you're going to the keys! I like the area a lot since there's so much to do within walking distance. Most every day we got up early and went to breakfast at one of these old-fashioned classic style places. You get to see most of the historic stuff when you go on the trolley train, which was a lot of fun to do. When you get tired from whatever activity you're up to each day, it is nice to take a break back at it rental unit. Everything is terrific down here and it is very family-friendly. Really late at night, say after eleven pm, any children that you may bring should be already in bed anyway.

Aileen U.

Jasmine House

817 Center Street
Key West FL 33040-7434

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