Fast Food

Fast Food

The world's largest burger cafe is a McDonald's on International Drive! It is a hoot inside this two story arcade and restaurant. The best cheap hamburger restaurant in Orlando Is Fantastic for All Ages. It is a really neat place to eat lunch on the cheap.

The Food is Good and they have salads and lots of healthy things. Most people know the old menu, like the basic hamburger that they have put together for years and years. Get something special, really good to get is the quarter pounder with cheese. This place is a little bit more than just your typical restaurant because it's two stories in height.

Inside you find a huge Arcade Center with all kinds of different Video Games and they have a ticket booth for selling Theme Park Tickets. Yes You can Buy your Theme Park Tickets inside this McDonald's restaurant here on International Drive. There's no other thing like it I know of, an arcade mixed in with the restaurant. This is a lot better than Dave and Busters because it's really cheap and good for small kids.

If you're in the area of sand lake road International Drive then you definitely have to stop at the world's largest Mcdonald's and get up hamburger. This is the place to get something really good like the spicy chicken sandwich, or the grilled chicken classic.

Of course you have to get the french fries with whatever thing you buy, it's a tradition. If you have small kids I can guarantee they will love either the cheeseburger or the chicken mcnuggets. Don't forget the top off your meal with a chocolate triple thick shake, which is what I used to do thirty-five years ago with my grandparents.

The memories of coming to Mcdonald's and eating are a forever good thing. There's no better place to do it than this crazy two-story hamburger cafe!
Marty K.

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Hamburger and Fries

Sign up for the email and they give you discounts in the newsletter they send out. Everybody likes a Free Breakfast and that's a big part of the restaurant industry in this area. If you pick Your Hotel correctly, you will never have to by your breakfast and you have more money for your lunch and dinner pleasures.

I like the Salad Bar opportunities so you can really fill up after the day of walking. Make sure you check out that Miniature Golf on International Drive as that is one of the better discount things to do in the area.

Hunter F.

Fast Food Hamburgers

We love the Hamburgers and make them huge at home on the barbecue we bought at the home store. See how Ikea kitchen and dining solutions make it easier for you to be together at mealtime! I love shopping here. Food brings people together and helps to create a better everyday life at home.

Jason O.


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