Learning to Paddleboard

I saw the Paddleboarding Show on How to do Florida today. They sure make it look easy, and take the boards down the mangrove trails. You have to go over and around some branches, making it a bit tricky for beginners. This is the coolest sport going on around the islands.

When you begin to learn, just start by paddling around on the board using your knees as the base. Get cozy with the board and movement in the water, then put one foot down and step up.

It is easier if you are moving forward through the water. That is How to get started on a Paddle Board.
Imogene D.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

The board prices are still dropping, especially if you do not need a fancy racing board. Used boards are on Craigslist and that is the place to start. Kai Boards are really popular here and might be the best bet for new Stand Up Paddleboards.

This is your opportunity to experience fun that is cheaper than boats with a demo ride and become an experienced captain. Our open house sales event offers education and insight into the construction quality and many features of our factory direct brands. Come experience first-hand the standup paddle board of your dreams.

Jacquelyn D.

Paddleboard Classic

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Key West FL 33040

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