Surprises that are for the Fork

Sweet times at the Bakery & Pie Shop, we just happened to run into the big man himself...Kermit. This is special here and he is on the local and national video news all of the time. We make key lime pies at home on a regular basis now that we got the recipe at the shop. We remember the first time trying out the taste, it was right away I knew this guy has his chef act together.
Joel Q.

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Better than a Five Hour Energy Drink

He is a true star of the town. What a fine idea, sell a product, and live the product life. At work, he is always dress up. We can walk over from our Duval Street Art Shop (Art Gone Wild). The coffee is excellent too, and the combo pie-coffee makes a nice afternoon pick-me-up.

Simone S.

Things to see in the Daylight Hours

One of the better attractions to see in the city. The Hot Sauce Shop is great. Other things we liked: Mallory Square - Fort Zachary Taylor - Truman Annex - Naval Station - and Turtle Kraals.

Theo Q.

Meet Chef Kermit

200A Elizabeth Street
Key West FL 33040

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