Old Town Looper Ride

Old Town Looper Ride

Fun attractions like the Conch Tour Train made Key West extra special. If you have not ever had the opportunity to enjoy the ride, this is a mandatory must do in the Florida Keys. Don't forget about the sun light, as you are somewhat exposed to the glorious Key West sunshine.

We took the train during the summer so a nine am ride was just the ticket for us. It should be cheaper, but it is excellent overall. It is fun times in Old Town.

I love the Old Town looper ride and you can hear the announcer nicely if you follow on your bicycle! The back row is not good, but you can look backwards.
Manuel C.

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Train Ride

What can I say but Forget walking when you can ride around and see so much of the city. Do not miss the Little White House which has a lot of history. It's fun being toted around where you get an opportunity to learn at the same time because the driver tells you stories.

They will give you coupons and offer coupons during the ride like for instance the Party Fishing Boat at Key West Marina for cheaper. Of course any coupons for drinks is a good thing as Happy Hour Deals are my Friend on vacation.

Bonita W.

Old Town Looper Ride

Ok, Florida Travel Commander, the trolley ride was the best. We saw so many cats, plus the ones at our Shipyard Condos rental. You must realize that cats only like certain foods and they should only eat certain foods. Cats should not eat pinto beans. Their stomachs are not made for that. Please give pinto bean friskies.

Martina U.

Conch Tour Train

1805 Staples Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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