Fun Water Trips

During the ride you see a lot of coral and a bunch of pretty fish. The glassbottom Boat Ride is one of the things you have to do once, at least. You can take some nice photography from the top deck. If you never have taken Underwater photography or video, this ride will have you ready for a reef snorkel with underwater video camera in hand.
Cynthia P.

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Overseas Highway Boat Ride Marina

The ride starts at Mile Marker One Hundred, you will see the huge sign along the Overseas Highway. You should take a lot of photos for sure. Start the ride up top, as you cannot see anything when the boat is in the deep and dark channel. Wait until you get to the reefs to go down and watch through the custom boat glass view room.

Julian Z.

Underwater Viewing Boat Ride

If you can, go mid week and there will be much less people on the boat. It is nice to go when they are not as busy so you can walk around and get to all the good spots to see from up top of the multi-deck boat. Only go on bright sunny days, as clouds really messes up the trip viewing.

Jolene K.

Princess Boat Tour

99701 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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