Go Deep to Catch Fish

Go Deep to Catch Fish

It was our first time trying a trip out on a party boat. Maybe fifteen or twenty people went out with us. A morning trip has calmer winds, so we figured that was the best time to hit the water. We loved it. A few days later we went out on the Marathon Lady. On our next trip our goal is to hit the Sailor's Choice in Key Largo. These outings are the perfect thing for enjoying the island and ocean waters.
Lucien T.

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Party Fishing Boat at Key West Marina

Hey...the weather looks sweet here for the weekend! Going to go out and catch a bunch of fish out on the party fishing boat. This should be so fun.

Marjorie S.

This is how to catch fish

We like to skip bait catching and have been using the Dolphin Bullet and Dolphin Poppers. They are best out deeper. We got tired of paying these high prices for fish at Publix, so we fish and catch our own.

Carmella H.

Party Fishing Boat

No Fishing for five days with the pending weather. Last weeks big storm put a wet hole in the roof and my bedroom drywall! I went to Lowes and talked to two people. One man helped me a lot. I got the last 2x2 piece of drywall for the spare bedroom ceiling. I wanted to get the materials so that you can help me with it when you come up. I have the receipt in case you want to do it different, but the two men at Lowes lowes.com insisted that I do a piece of drywall instead of joint compound/wire. They said the area is too large and that joint compound can fall from the ceiling. The one man showed me everything I need.

I haven't gone in the attic yet but I am going to do that today and tomorrow. The man at Lowes told me I need to take a flash light and look for light coming through. He told me that just because there is water on the wood doesn't mean that is where the hole is. The hole can be twenty feet away and travel. A lady I work with told me the same thing. The man at Lowes told me I might not find the hole. He told me I can go up on the roof and look for a shingle that has blown out of place. I'm not going to do that, just waiting for the Yellowtail Snapper.

Victor R.

Greyhound Party Boat

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