Go for Waterfront Sightseeing

Come on in the water is fine as this beach park always packs them in. A super place for a day by the water, with BBQ, picnic tables, Beach Bar, Fishing Pier, and two lane Boat Ramp. Free parking for car that do not have boat trailers. The gigantic swimming pool and five tennis court are very popular here in the South Cape.
Marshall W.

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Join the Cape Coral Social Club

A note to locals that the Cape Coral Social Club is open to all residents and meetings are help here at the Yacht Club Meeting Area. We cover the hot topics and have a nice meet-greet session to make new friends. Please post our information and url, we want to get the word out to all.

Carroll F.

Yacht Club Park Swimming Pool

They have an awesome swimming pool that is heated. I would recommended in the wintertime. They keep it at 83 degrees in the winter.

Marina L.

Cape Coral Yacht Club

What a lovely park that is always active seven days a week. The two lane Boat Ramp has you out to Sanibel in just about ten minutes and it is a pleasure ride, with lots to see.

Charity T.

Lots to do at City Park

The pool stays open year around, as the club has a great cold weather policy. Yes, the pool stays open even when the air temperature gets below 60 degrees as they use a thermal blanket at night. Yes, to reduce energy costs associated with the loss of heat, the staff covers the pool nightly with a huge thermal blanket.

Kim O.

Yacht Club Park

5819 Driftwood Parkway
Cape Coral FL 33904-5999

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