Marina at the Post Card Inn

Marina at the Post Card Inn

What a super zone to do about anything possible around the water. There is a nice bridge here next to the Boat Fuel docks for location movement. Watch for the wicked currents that pump through the islands. If you did have any issue with your boat engine, long ropes and a good anchor system will keep you from drifting.

What a spot and they have Kayaks for sale used. It is a pelican kayak and works wonderful. I assume it is fiberglass, and is the same as every other kayak.

you can buy paddles for really cheap at the weekend Flea Market, or go with Walmart. This is a fun and low-cost way to enjoy Florida outdoors and get more exercise with a smile.
Clint B.

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Boat Fuel

I bought us some kayak seat pads, which are washable. In the store I sat on a few different choices, and these are just fine on the behind when sitting. Flip on channel ten when you get a minute to see the big snow coming down in buffalo playing pittsburg.

Chet Q.

Chevron Marine

84001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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