Proven Winners for Outrageous Fun

Proven Winners for Outrageous Fun

Of all of the different things that we did during our two week Florida Keys vacation, this party boat was the most memorable. Everything was just perfect and we got to ride out on the high seas! I say that jokingly, as the reef system of Key West keeps the water very calm making for a smooth ride and fishing trip. Do plan ahead on what you are going to do with your fishing treasures. Either take it to our restaurant, where they cook it for you or head straight back to the condominium rental and get it in the refrigerator. This will be dinner a little later!
Boyd N.

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Deep Ocean Fishing Adventure

Yellowtail Snapper is what we mostly caught. That is good as they are very popular because they are everywhere in South Florida and great to eat.

Boyd K.

Fishing Trips out in the Gulf Stream

What a fun boat, so big and cozy. This is the kind of trip that all ages will want to do. Pick a nice day so the ride is smooth. You go about six to ten miles out. The water turns darker blue when you get out into the Gulf Stream.

Rodolfo P.

Party Boat Fishing

951 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040

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