Citywalk Parking

Citywalk Parking

Each time we come here it's always something different and extra special for fun. We probably come three times a year, or maybe five times at the most depending on what's going on. I like the fact that they have free parking after six pm at Universal Citywalk for Florida residents. We come over here from saint petersburg Florida all the time and mix it up a little bit by doing Hollywood Studios Theme Park and some Islands of Adventure, and of course Citywalk you don't have to pay a theme park ticket. You feel part of a great vibe here without even buying a ticket and that's why we like it.

I was really happy with the fact that it was open both on Christmas eve and Christmas Day when the whole town of Orlando seem to be shut down starting about six pm on Christmas eve. We decided to come down here and we booked at the Residence Inn up and Altamonte Springs and it was a breeze to drive on interstate four over the Christmas holiday. We had no problem at all and could buzz write down here in about fifteen or twenty minutes. It really is important to be close and not way out and I think fifteen minutes is not that big of a deal to drive to the theme parks but don't make it any further than that.

I took this photograph while we were upstairs eating one of those burrito bowls at Moe's restaurant. This is one of my favorite Places to Eat plus you get to look down at all the people walking in and out of the giant parking lot area. This is the front entrance near Bubba Gump shrimp factory, which is an excellent place to eat just like the downtown cafe.

You could do a lot of walking if you take advantage of how much property they have at Universal Orlando. It is open to the public and legal for you to walk down into the Portofino Bay Hotel which has some great restaurants like Thirsty Fish and bars right on the water. I definitely recommend you walk down there and do the same thing with the Royal Pacific hotel resort which is right behind the Margaritaville Cafe. There's a little walkway there that takes you to this hotel. You'll see the Boat Taxis in the middle very close to in be a city and that's the destination for the Boat Taxi service, which is similar to what they have over there Disney.

I think I'm gonna watch a movie next time because we've seen this giant complex near the entrance every time. A lot of people go to the movies, as I've see it flowing with people in and out all the time. We like the Music Events in the evening and that's primarily what we come out here to enjoy plus we get dinner. It's too bad they got rid of the Nascar grill because I really liked that. It's always changing so if you coming out here for five times a year believe me it'll be a different season of decorations and different Music as the bands are always revolving. When they don't have bands in the evening they have a dj each night at eight o'clock that gets that dance floor going right in the middle of everything. We think it's a great time out especially when you get the free parking, so check on that!
Sal V.

Universal Orlando

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819
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