Cityview Trolley is the One

Cityview Trolley is the One

You have the right idea with crazy tours, the Cityview Trolley is the one. Do the ride during the day to suck in the views. Late in the day is nice to have the happy hour buzz going, then the tour is wild. Very professionally done, this is like a Key West Ride at Disney.

Visitors use and rely on tours to navigate all the cool destinations, as Key West is huge. Historic Marker Stops are super.

Put this on your to do list for mile marker zero. I loved it big time.
Jackie Q.

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When it Gets Windy

Ok, Florida Travel Commander. That sounds great to see lots of the city scene. We will have A good Time when the weather gets better. Pick a nice day to do it. The rain has stopped for the night but it was pouring on the way home to the resort from Bahia Honda State Park. I think we will have a few more days of this, so the sightseeing is the perfect thing to do when so windy.

Please give a Howdee to anita. I heard a loud sheet metal falling sound today. It sounded like it came from your house. Let me know if I can help inspect or fix. The winds were at the fastest when this occurred.

Darin W.

Cityview Trolley

291 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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