Take the children to an artsy safari play-day in the Monkey Jungle. This is one of the state's best mild-ride Theme Parks. Get yourself animal connected with a monkey and buffalo! It is a lot better than we actually expected as kids go crazy here.

This park is a lot more relaxing than some of the more zany places like Busch Gardens or Disney Animal Kingdom. No parking hassles or any of the complexities of the larger Theme Parks makes this relaxing. Take your time and enjoy the show and be sure to bring your video camera.

The best event of the year is in October here, when it is all about the halloween experience. This is one you want to take your small children to, it has to be the largest kid friendly event going on. Expect lots of treats and the rides are open for the kids to enjoy.
Esteban Z.

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See Animals

Is great get creative on the weekends and do some different things. I wanted to try some of the zoo action and see the animals. Oh my goodness is this Family Friendly adventures. I thought Adventure Island was one of the better places but to me inside this type kingdom is better.

The only other place you can really see animals around the areas at the Horse Track for the betting. Give them high marks for a prime time atmosphere. This is the kind of thing that everybody will enjoy the no matter your age, and makes a great date weekend idea in Tampa.

Beverley M.

Lowry Park

1101 West Sligh Avenue
Tampa FL 33604

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