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Pop Century Hotel
Do the Disney Hotels have Refrigerators?
I did some disney research and found out the hotel room will have a refrigerator. The standard features are a small refrigerator, which used to be an extra fee. Inside the room is a clock radio, little table and two chairs, a small safe for valuables, Stacy Channel TV and a 6-drawer or storage dresser. The Stacy TV Channel is packaged TV that gets you so excited for your Disney Day.
Nikki M.
Budget Priced Orlando Vacation Hotel
A bonus for Swimming Season is the bathtub's retractable cord that makes a handy clothes line. Bring your hair dryer, as they are not standard in each room.
Bert R.
We vote for Disney Diving Boards!
The value resorts are very good at Disney and you will love the swimming pools and the bath soap! A big pool is super to have, and the days of diving boards are over. The parking lots are huge and it is perfect for Orlando Vacations.
Karin M.
Pop Century Hotel
1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
8.2 stars out of 10 (10 votes) Full guest reviews 3
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