Is pretty nice how you can play golf like this, I was amazed. Every time we come on our trips to Orlando there's always something to surprise us. We love playing golf and typically stay at one of The Hotels that has a Golf Course right on the property. Our favorite course is the Magnolia Golf Course, which is right next to the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. I was amazed that during the Sports Weekend we have all these opportunities to play some sports and check our skill level out. You can actually get some tips on your golf game from a professional golfer. Some people just come here to clown around and see how hard you can hit. They have a speed gun so you do get a readout on your power swing. After you smack it, you then you can head over to the Aerosmith roller coaster and use your Fastpass!
Errol M.

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Sports Games

Speaking of backyard Espn Club style super bowl parties, it is super bowl karaoke time here. What fun it is to have a lively experience, without paying for the big event! I just saw the microsoft surface tablet with the keyboard commercial, as now it is water proof and the guy was tweeting in the rain! What a product, perfect for the power users that wants it all. We need to stop at Best Buy sometime and look at that and the wireless speakers for your house.

William K.

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