Indialantic Beach Hotel

Indialantic Beach Hotel

Staying at a beach hotel on the ocean was one of those things we had done in a long time so we decided to do it this year. It was pretty hard to figure out which place to go because there's so many choices like the hotel, and that takes up a lot of time. We live in St Petersburg and had done lots of trips to Cocoa Beach Pier area, so we wanted to go to somewhere near there but not quite exactly in the same zone. Pick a new area for a hotel vacation by the beach, to try some new restaurants and bars. We had heard a lot of good things about the Melbourne Beach area and of course I did what most people do search on google!

I did a search for Melbourne Beach Hotels using the web search maps engine and it shows you a smorgasbord of different places to pick from. I started at the top which happens to not really be in Melbourne Beach but in the city of Indialantic, but the city doesn't mean that much since they change about every twenty-five blocks in Brevard County! Just north of here is Satellite Beach and a whole bunch of different names that you might not I've ever heard of. The key element is being on the ocean plus in a general area where there are lots of Things to Do within Bicycle Riding distance. The Doubletree fit that perfectly and we are so glad we booked it!

The location is the key to the Doubletree suites hotel success. I think if you look on the map you will see how nicely it is located close to the bridges to get you back over to the mainland. Take that drive down state road A1A down towards Vero Beach and you'll know what I'm talking about being out in the middle of nowhere, without the ability to cross over to a town center. If you're not in the center of Vero Beach down by the beach area, then you probably might be miles and miles away from even a restaurant or a liquor store. I think that's where Melbourne Beach area shines so bright because there's so much to do In the Area and a bicycle will get you to every place you need to go.

Once we parked in the parking lot, we didn't really need our car at all again during the entire trip. You certainly want to bring your bicycles on this vacation if you can at all. Renting bikes in Melbourne Beach is fine at or you can try nearby. Try to pick a fat tire Beach Bike that will get you down The Shoreline. A skinny old style ten speed will not do on the beach as the sand is kind of thick and even your fat tire bike will stick in to the sand a little bit. What a workout it is going down the beach on one of these bikes and that's why we like beach vacations. Being active is what we want and would do lots of restaurants like Sand on the Beach Cafe and shops during the day, while we were Exploring. I wouldn't do a lot of planning ahead for which restaurant you want to eat as just let nature take it's course as you cruising around exploring.

Down in the lobby they have all those coupon books, which you definitely want to take advantage of. When you have a little bit of down time or sipping on a cocktail, you can take a few moments to flip through each of the pages to get ideas and the discount coupons. We would keep these on the bikes because we would know where were going to end up and as long as we knew that there was a coupon for in the bike bag, we would pull it out when we got there.

The hotel itself is exceptional and they take good care of everything. We wanted to have at least a small mini size refrigerator as that is a big deal when you're on a Beach Vacation with all the liquids during the day. You need Beer and wine and a place to put your leftovers from the seafood restaurants, so hotels with a refrigerator win out. As soon as we went into the room, we knew we made a good choice. The balconies are not huge but if you have a view out over the ocean of the people walking down below, it is amazing. We would keep our sliding glass door open just about any moment we were in the room because it brings in the nature and the sounds from the ocean.

I would think this would be on everybody's top list as an option for oceanfront rental rooms. We had a king bed that was perfect for the two of us and the bathroom was excellent, and superclean. I'm not sure why they have telephones in the rooms anymore since everybody has a cell phone these days that are used, but we sure did take advantage of the coffeemaker. The swimming pool and the deck area was excellent as was Rio's bar and grill, the hotel cafe restaurant plus bar. We had two cloudy days and two beautifully sunny days and I think that was just what we needed. We came in January and still had a wonderful time and couldn't say enough good things about this fine area and hotel.

Don't worry about what beachfront city you are in when you're looking on the maps and doing your homework preparation. The key to having a fun Beach Vacation in Florida is being Bicycle Riding distance from lots of good things. Remember that when you're booking and you will have a lot more fun!
Donald H.


1665 North Highway A1A
Indialantic FL 32903

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