International Drive Amusement Center

International Drive Amusement Center

The new amusement center on International Drive turned out to be one of the better things we did during our entire vacation. The number one tip for sure when going to dave and busters restaurant is to get the half-price discount at Your Hotel concierge desk.

I am pretty sure it is standard that The Hotels around the area all have the discount coupons to this game center. We stayed right next door at the Embassy Suites hotel, so we could easily pop over here to take advantage of all the neat games and electronics. I specifically like the most the Nascar driving game which bounces you around if you hit the wall and when you crash. The sound effects are really good on the Video Games that you drive or shoot.

Everybody likes to play skeet ball which is where you win a lot of tickets. There's one game there that was really very cool and it was the price is right shell game.

Because we got the fifty percent discount coupon, I felt like we got really good value for the money we spent because it lasted two days. We played one evening for maybe about an hour and a half, but it was busy so we were watching more than playing. The next morning we came back in at the opening which was is eleven am and that is the time you can choose any game you want for the most part, without too much competition. By around noon there starts to get a pretty good crowd inside and it looks like it goes reasonably steady all day.

The Nightlife Is Fantastic on International Drive and I really like it in here because of the atmosphere. You will notice if you go over to the Sports Bar area that you do not hear the games banging and beeping around quite as much. They have an excellent Sports Bar TV set up.

We came for the ncaa Basketball championships when Kentucky lost after thirty-eight games in a row and watch the game right here. It is fun for sure, just take it slowly where your money doesn't go so rapidly. It's Always Fun to watch somebody play a game first, so you learn how a goes and the tricks and tips to when some points!
Alex T.

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Skeet Ball

And yeah to the skeet ball game! Today I got my dave-n-buster's money. I have been saving up and I am going to have some fun! I must say, since I have not been drinking or partying, I might have a chance to beat you at hoops! Yeah to the grand place of dave-n-busters. Yeah to ticket winning and they sell ice cold beer!

Mollie N.

Amusement Center

For sure the discount for the way to go, and they have coupons all the time. Here in Central Florida you can watch their advertisements on tv. Sometimes you have to go off peak hours.

Loraine Z.

Dave and Buster's

8986 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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