International Drive Pizza

International Drive Pizza

There's a great pizza restaurant not too far from the Theme Parks on International Drive. I have to admit I can eat a lot more food after a day of walking and doing the Magic Kingdom Theme Park rides for about ten hours.

The food is absolutely yummy using the brick oven. The pizza is cooked at six hundred degrees, so you have absolutely perfect pizza every time and it only takes about two minutes to cook. They have pasta dishes, salads Sandwiches all sorts of breadsticks and more extras.

It's a growing company in Central Florida because they have perfected pizza, plus you don't wait around like you used to at the old Pizza Hut. The motto of the restaurant is that pizzas are prepared with passion and baked to perfection in the signature brick ovens. You can call ahead and they will have everything ready to pop in the oven when you get there so it will only take you a couple of minutes to pay for your pizza and you will be out the door on your way back to the All-Star Sports hotel Swimming Pool to eat.

We love the take your pizza back to the hotel and get a patio chair to dine with a view, and the kids can play. That anti-pasto salad is my favorite thing to get besides a pizza and he goes really good with it. It's a great salad, healthy with lots of tomatoes, red onions, carrots, olives, which is all kicked up with some spicy ham, pepperoni, salami, and pepperoncini, all on top of fresh romain lettuce.

It's a Good Place for the salads, they make a great greek, Italian, caesar, and a tuscan chicken salad. You're probably coming here for the pizza but I have to mention the salads because it's my thing to always get something super healthy with a pizza, for the perfect blend.

The location we went to is off International Drive, but there's one in Kissimmee near Old Town and the Celebration city center, and Lake Buena Vista. Come on down for a Great Meal or better yet Get some Pizza to go and take it to the Swimming Pool at Your Hotel!
Janice D.

Flippers Pizzeria

11062 International Drive
Orlando FL 32821

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