Scenic spots to see around Islamorada

There are so many neat things to see around town, but only if you peddle around on bicycles. We stayed at the Days Inn and found some really great things to explore, like the Hurricane Monument. You just have to read the words, it just takes a few minutes. A little history helps put all the work it took for those that paved the way for our Florida Keys Vacations! We thank them for it.
Theodore J.

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Things walking distance from the Caribbean Resort

This is so close to the Caribbean Resort, we walked by it on the way to the Fish Company for our sunset dinners. It is a very special island and we love staying here. The Midway Cafe is another good one to try for breakfast or lunch.

Owen M.

What we like to do the most

A few of the island's best things to do: Watersports Play, Scuba Diving Center, Sunset Bar for Beer, and the Marina Fishing Area.

Gene J.

Historical Bike Tours Ride

We had our National Trails Day ride starting from here. Yes the Historical Bike Tours Group led the ride and we peddled all around the Upper Matecumbe Key area. It was so nice to take a pedal tour around the City Center. We learned lots of history and saw some of the lessor known historical monuments and attractions.

Marlene R.

1935 Hurricane

81701 Old Highway
Islamorada FL 33036-3714

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